Writing Services

Content Writing
Filler. Fluff. Blabbertyap. You know as well as I that vapid verbiage is everywhere in the Internet age. But businesses, nonprofits, and individuals need content now more than ever. That’s where I come in. Fill your website or blog, newsletter or emails with content that sings while still getting the job done.

Everyone makes mistakes—and sometimes they sting. In 2006, for instance, Kazakhstan issued currency with an oh-so-small typo: The word “bank” was misspelled. Don’t release your work into the world without another pair of eyes looking it over. I provide everything from simple technical editing to deep content editing.

Do you want to put flesh on the skeleton of an idea? Contact me for quotes and timeframes for everything from short articles to full-fledged books. Together, we can make your vision a reality.

Sometimes words simply need to sell. No fuss. No muss. No blather. As a business owner and MBA student, I understand the realities of commerce. Let me help your latest product or service succeed.